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Kinyo - Wireless 2 in 1 Electric Mosquito Swatter & Light

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【Product characteristics】

  • Table lamp shape electric shock type mosquito trap lamp, non-toxic harmless, capture high rate, suitable for pregnant children
  • Set 1 365mm light wave lamp core, wavelength concentration, effective range
  • The characteristically dense grid can kill mosquitoes instantly
  • High quality fluorescent lamp tube with long service life, up to 5000 hours

【Merchandise accessories and specifications】

Name of product: Mosquito trap lamp

Rated voltage: Ac110v

Rated frequency: 60hz

Power consumption: 7w

Click voltage: 800v

Suitable light source: Fluorescent lamp tube 6wx1

Light life: 5000 hours

Working current: 60ma

Body material: Abs flame retardant plastics

Grid material: Aluminum

Product weight: 680g

Accessories: Brush

Commodity content: Mosquito trap body x 1