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Kinyo - Electric Magnetic Switch Mosquito Trap

$42.50 $49.95

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Quietly and safely help protect your loved ones from mosquitoes without toxic, potentially harmful chemicals with the Pestill USB Magnetic Switch Mosquito Trap.

  • USB Magnetic switch mosquito trap
  • Attracts insects with UV LED and eliminates using 7 blade motor
  • Quiet high-speed rotation with powerful suction
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly and chemical-free
  • USB Ports for simple and convenient charging
  • Easy to clean removable base compartment

Don’t let mosquitoes leave you and your loved ones covered in itchy bumps and marks. With the Electric Magnetic Switch Mosquito Trap, you can enjoy worry-free, bug-free summer nights!

Insect control made easier

The 365nm lightwave and heating chips imitate body heat and odour to easily attract mosquitoes to the powerful seven blade motor, safely eliminating them without filling your home with toxic, chemical-riddled pesticides.