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Kiahloc Suction Hook 56mm - Chrome (4 pack)

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Kiahloc Suction Hook 56mm - Chrome (4 pack)

Easy Installation, Removal and Re-Use

NO tools required

NO nails or screws required

NO adhesives required


Suitable Places: Kitchen, Bathroom, Toilet, windows, cupboard, behind the doors…..you name it!

Product Features: Gecko inspired design, reusable, kid-friendly, indicator ring holding force reminder, waterproof, 360° rotation, easy installation & removal

Description: Patented Technology - Hard Suction Cup - Supper Vacuum System

  • High-density rubber ring
  • Assisted rubber pad
  • Force monitor - Indicator ring
  • Works on semi-smooth surface (< 0.5 mm)
  • Leaves no mark to applied surfaces

KIahLoc suction hook is able to be attached to all non-porous surface and semi-smooth that are less than 0.5 mm in thickness. Such as wood painted door, frosted glass, ceramic tile with pattern etc.

Indicator Ring acts as holding force monitor to help you to check if the suction hook is safe or not. It is very easy to reinforce the suction cup, press the button again only.

The 56mm KiahLoc hook can hold up to 3kg in weight.