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Jia- Enamel on Stainless Steel, Cutting Board

$38.80 $47.95

Jia- Enamel on Stainless Steel, Cutting Board

Prepping is the most fundamental yet important step in cooking and cutting board is one of the most essential tools. The Enamel on stainless steel cutting board is easy to care for. It features ultra-hard, scratch-resistant, long lasting surface that is smooth, shiny and virtually pore-less. Enamel surface is naturally antibacterial and mold-proof. It is heat-resistant, perfect for resting and cutting those sizzling steaks right off the grill. It even speed up the defrosting process when you just can’t wait to start cooking.

Product Advantages

1. Smooth enamel surface, naturally antibacterial and mold-proof.

2.Clean with ease for a virtually spotless and odor-free surface.

3.Heat-resistant. Perfect for cutting and resting hot food right off the grill. This cutting board can also speed up the defrosting process.

4.Ultra-hard, scratch-resistant, long-lasting surface.

5.Unique hole-punched silicone non-slip corners, are great for hanging. Also keep your cutting board away f rom the k itchen counter.

Product Specification

Dimension: 20 x 30x 0.5(H) cm

Material: 430 Stainless steel, enamel coating, silicone

Designer: JIA Design Team – Spencer Hung


1. Double-sided.

2. Hand wash with dishwashing liquid and sponge is recommended. Not dish washer safe.

3. Please pat dry before storing.


1. The enamel surface is hand made. If the thickness is uneven or the surface is slightly uneven, it is normal.

2. Do not use with cleavers and ceramic knives. Avoid chopping and pounding with excessive force.

3. Do not use metal brushes or cooking utensils to avoid surface damage.

4. Please use with care. Avoid dropping to the ground which may damage the product.

5. This cutting board features silicone corners. Do not bake it in an oven or stove tops