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Jia - Companion Mini Sauce Pan 16cm

$85.00 $109.00

Jia - Companion Mini Sauce Pan 16cm

Mmakes cooking easier than ever. Made in Taiwan with Okitsumo non-stick coating. It's easy to use, easy to clean, and most importantly you can use less oil.

Product Advantages:

Made in Taiwan with guaranteed quality

Premium Ceramic non-stick coating, making cooking easier than ever.

Easy to store and carry, also suitable for outdoor camping

Far infrared emission is around 90%

Product Specification:

Dimension: dia 17 x 35 x 13(H) cm, (including lid dia 17x 6 (H) cm)

Capacity: 1.2L

Material: 1.5mm Carbonized steel, rubber wood, iron, glass lid

Weight: 1kg +/-5%(including lid) 0.7kg +/-5%(without lid)

Made in Taiwan


For first time use, just clean it with neutral detergent and wipe dry. Add cooking oil and use low heat.

It is recommended to cook with low to medium heat.

It is recommended to use with silicone or wooden utensils to make the cookware even more long-lasting.

It is recommended to clean with warm water. For tough stains, please use hot water and scrub with scrub pads with neutral detergents.


Compatible with gas stove, IH stove, ceramic stove etc. Not dishwasher safe. Not oven and microwave safe.

When use with gas stove, make sure the flame do not reach over the bottom of the pan. Do not heat an empty pan.

Please avoid thermal shock. After use, it is recommended to wait for the pan to cool down gradually or clean with warm water.

Do not hit the pan with sharp objects, it may damage the pan.

When cooking with lid, please pay attention to the ventilation hole to avoid scalding.

Do not store food in the pan for an extended period of time, especially soy sauce, vinegar or sodium based liquid.

Please store in a well ventilated area.