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Hara Ergonomic Chair Nietzche 2H-V (Black with Patterns)

$479.00 $850.00

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Hara Ergonomic Chair Nietzche 2H-V (Black with Patterns)

***Please note this is a bulky item, extra shipping charge applied***

Product Features:


Height adjustable backrest

-The backrest is height adjustable to provide the 

best possible support for the back.

Adjustable seat height

-Infinitely adjustable seat height allows individual height 

adjustment for each body size.

Patened dual seat base

-The split seat base reduces pressure in the pelvis and spine.

Chrome-plated parts

-All metal parts inclusive five-star base

Adjustable Back angle

-The back angle can be adjusted infinitely variable

by pressing the left-hand lever.


-Height adjustable armrest for setting an optimal working height.

Split backrest

-The backrest cushions conform to the back at the optimal angle.

Castors Oversized

-with 50mm casters, Harachairs can be easily moved 

even on uneven ground.

Chair size
610x 690x 1110-1230mm
Packaging size
780x 660x 440mm
Net Weight
23.00 KG
Gross Weight
28.70 KG


Materials: Mesh fabric/artificial leather, PP, Urathanfoam

Warranty Information: 3-year limited warranty

Please Note: This product is non-returnable unless deemed faulty or damaged.