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Fotile- W Series Range Hood (EMS9016)

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Oil Fume Suction Performance

*Innovative Wing-Like Surround Suction Plate, powerful smoke collection and buffer ability.
*Innovative M-shaped Canopy. It achieves a perfect cooperation with the Surround Suction Plate.
*Full Acceleration Access, simultaneous cooking fume extraction with a larger amount of smoke intake per unit.
*Multiple Smoke Inlet Paths. It greatly expands the space for smoke intake.
*Patent "Nautilus" Air Passageway. Smoke can be extracted smoothly without any turbulence.


*49dB super low noise. Enjoy the clean and quiet life in the kitchen.
*Patent Silent Volute. It ensures a smoother and faster air flow while reducing the turbulence of air.
*Micropore for noise reduction. It's used in aerospace industry where noise can be reduced greatly.
*Bionic Wing-like Impeller. It reduces resistance and noise.
*Patent Dual Varied "R" Turbine System. Smoke can be extracted out smoothly.
*The Proprietary Strong Motor by FOTILE. Noise level will always be contained to a minimum.

Intelligent Function

*Auto Turbo System. It runs at the most powerful mode to maximize the extraction capacity.
*Delay Function. Let the hood work alone after cooking.

Humanized Design

*Central Engergy Cursor. It catches sight of smoke evacuation anytime.
*Corrugated Filterr,easy to clean.
*304 stainless steel surface,classic and fashionable design!
*Humanized oil leveler window.
*Anti-head-bumping Parts. They protect you from all aspects.
*LED lights, energy saving.
*Hided Super Large Oil Cup. The range hood is more clean.


Certification CB,SAA,ETL
Product size (mm)(W×D×H) 900×525×(680-960)
Voltage 220-240V 50Hz
Noise level(dB) ≤49
Illumination power (W*1) 2(LED)
IEC Air Flow/IEC STANDARD61591(m³/h) 1200
Motor power (W) 210
Filter Corrugated Filter
Gas sensor N
Heat sensor N
Wind curtain N
Auto Turbo System Y
Intelligent Air Management N
Smoke Sound Detection N
Anion Sterilization N
Central Energy Cursor Y
Net weight (kg) 29.7
Gross weight (kg) 36.6
Packing-box size (mm) 965×685×575
Volume (m³) 0.38

IEC(International Electrotechnical Commission) are International Standards and Conformity Assessment for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. It now has 53 member countries, including Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and so on. IEC61591 is 《Household range hoods-Methods for measuring performance》specified by IEC. The airflow and noise of all FOTILE range hood are tested in accordance with this standard