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Fairia - Home & Fabric Spray (Queens Avenue) (Mid Mar Preorder)


We have run out of stock for this item.

Fairia - Home & Fabric Spray (Queens Avenue)

The spray is a MUST for your wardrobe! It adds a soft scent while looking after your fabric. It removes odour, germs, dust mites, wrinkles and static. Perfect for fabrics considered dry clean, business travellers and last minute touch ups.

  • Choice of classic Kelly’s Garden aroma, White Forest aroma & Queens avenue
  • Removes different kinds of odour from fabric effectively
  • Eliminates bacteria and dust mites, protects fabric against them too
  • Reduce wrinkle, static from soft fabrics, like silk, cotton, laces, wool and blends; perfect for business travellers.
  • Spray to freshen bedding, upholstery, rugs, and carpets.
  • Nontoxic, ZERO alcohol, ZERO bleach

Queens Avenue

The dreamy scent in Queen’s Garden with fresh lotus flowers, zesty lemongrass with lime leaves & freesia. Graceful, sophisticated and sweet.