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eLipse Feeding Spoons+Travel Case



Soft Silicone is safe for use on your baby's delicate gums. Silicone is BPA & BPS free.

Ergonomically designed to fit a baby's hand grip, spoon size ideal for baby's mouth size.

Dishwasher and microwave safe, can be sterilized with boiling water. Spoon case for storage.

Tip: Useable as a teether

  • Wash it before and after use
  • For ages 4 months and u
  • Inspect before each use, never use a damaged product
  • Discoloration can be caused by some types of food
  • If there is a strong silicone smell, please sterilize in boiling water.
  • When sterilizing in boiling water, please do not exceed 1 minute
  • Do not use near fire.
  • The silicone material can absorb odors and colors, so please store in a clean and scent-free container
  • Always wash the product immediately after use and keep it dry

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