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Eilong- Cold Drip Coffee Maker

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The world's first dual-purpose ice drop coffee maker with high CP value ‧Exclusive upright metal filter screen, no blocking during cold extraction ‧High-tech stainless steel etching technology to minimize the mesh ‧The new water-saving valve structure can be completely closed like a faucet ‧The pot body is made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass.

  • ‧Ice drop coffee pot + cold extract coffee pot = high CP value dual-use ice drop coffee pot
  • ‧Exclusive upright metal filter, which can extract every drop of coffee liquid without blocking during cold extraction
  • ‧Special high-tech stainless steel etching technology minimizes the mesh size and effectively filters fine coffee and impurities in water during cold extraction
  • ‧The new water-saving valve structure can be completely closed like a faucet, and the water flow rate can be accurately controlled to provide a more diverse extraction method
  • ‧The world's first round water distribution network (replaces the pill filter paper) to reduce paper waste and contribute to environmental protection
  • ‧A new choice with the most cost-effective use of a pot
  • ‧Intimate cover design, in addition to being dust-proof, the fermentation period can also reduce odor confusion
  • ‧This series of products adopts food grade SUS304 advanced stainless steel filter, which is clean, safe and durable
  • ‧The body of the pot is made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass, with a water level line and intimate glass handle, which is more convenient to use when using
  • ‧The product can be directly extracted in the refrigerator to maintain a stable ambient temperature
  • ‧Dark and light can be adjusted, the homemade ice drip coffee is clean, hygienic and safe
  • ‧Successful after SGS inspection, no harmful substances such as heavy metals and bisphenol A
  • ‧This product is insured by Fubon 10 million product liability insurance, quality assurance is guaranteed
  • ‧100% made in Taiwan, quality assured and guaranteed

Product specifications---------------------------------------------- ----------

‧Name: Driver dual-use ice dropper 600ml
‧Model: DR-TDC0062
‧Size: Upper pot holder-diameter 12.3cm x height 14.6cm

Glass jug-length 16cm x width 11.5cm x height 16.4cm
‧Material: Upper pot holder-PP upper cover, AS
Powder filling tank-SUS304 stainless steel filter
Glass pot-heat-resistant glass (heat-resistant 100 ℃)
‧Capacity: 600ml
‧Weight: about 512.1g