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EILONG - Hare’s Fur Glaze Tea Ware Gift Set-Green(8 PCS)

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This is the most simple and professional tea ware design.
This bowl represents the classic form of tea ware produced in the kilns in Jianyang, in Fujian province. These were renowned for their unique suitability for drinking tea, and for the striking beauty of the streaks in the oxidized glaze, known as 'Hare's Fur'.

This type of Chinese tea bowl, which was produced in large quantities in the Jian kilns of Fujian during the Song Dynasty (960-1279), came to be immensely revered, influenced tea culture, and is still highly sought after today.

The shape of the tea bowl is such that it fits comfortably into the drinker’s hands while the thickness of the body and glaze protect one from heat. Its small size holds only enough to drink, and the subtle dip in the rim encourages tiny sips.

A delicate silver-bound rim on this bowl ensures that the rim is smooth for the drinker’s lips.