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DR First-T8 Desk Set with A4 Chair (120*50cm) Pink

$1,249.00 $1,569.00

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DR First-T8 Desk Set (120*50cm)-Pink

Bonus: Magic Lamp MA523 (TW plug) +  book stopper + wrist pad, total value $204.85!

***Note: this is a bulky item, extra shipping charge applied***

Dr. First growth desk and chair full range of children's desk chair components are manufactured in Taiwan, professional research and development team for the Oriental body shape design in line with the ergonomic chair.

  • Large front and rear panels,
  • easy lifting by hand,
  • safe rounded corners of the table design,
  • SGS certified EI low formaldehyde panel,
  • suitable for 7 months to adult

Children spend a lot of time using tables and chairs in the growth stage. Sitting at the desk for a long time in reading, writing, and drawing, they will find the children’s sitting posture deformed, and writing on their faces.
Dr. First understand your needs. A child growth desk specially tailored for children, with stepless hand-lifting and five-stage tilting functions, coupled with the saddle-hip design of the multifunctional growth chair, allows children to sit properly In the center of the chair, stop moving and focus more.

  • Panel material: E1 low formaldehyde panel (approved by SGS inspection)
  • Bracket structure: three layers of high-temperature paint in the steel anti-range shot steel
  • Table load: 150 to 180 kg
  • Dimensions: (front panel) 120 x 50 cm / (rear panel) 120 x 20 cm
  • Load at tilt: Below 100kg
  • Adjustable height: 59~86 cm (the height from the ground to the panel)
  • Tiltable angle: Five segments about 30 degrees
  • Origin: Taiwan