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Can you build a cube from the 7 colourful puzzle pieces?

Put your spatial insight, logic and deduction skills to work as you create cubes to solve each challenge!

Cube Puzzler GO’s case doubles as an attractive tray to play the game.
Open the transparent cube to transform it from a storage case into a game board.

The game includes a challenge booklet with 80 real 3D-challenges and solutions

Step 1

Before you start: Open the transparent case and place it open on a table to create a V-shaped game board that is angled at 45°.

Step 2

Choose a challenge & place the 7 puzzle pieces on the transparent tray to create a cube. All 7 pieces must be used in every challenge.

Step 3

You have found the correct solution when you have create a full cube with all squares the same colour as shown in the challenge. There is only 1 solution, which can be found at the end of the challenge booklet.