Charles Viancin AIR-TIGHT LIDS- Banana Leaf

$39.95 $35.96
Put a Lid on it! These superbly designed, uniquely shaped silicone lids create a 100% airtight seal on any smooth rim surface. Works on stainless steel, glass, plastic and ceramic items. The airtight seal will keep food fresh for longer and seal in heat during cooking. 


The popular Banana Leaf lids are ideal for casseroles and large rectangular/square dishes. Helps prevent splatters in your oven and on your stovetop. Great for storage in the fridge, and perfect for reheating in the microwave. Oven safe to 240° Celsius, fridge safe, microwave safe, food safe, dishwasher safe.

  • Creates an air-tight seal to retain heat during cooking.
  • Oven safe silicone material allows for cooking at high temperatures.
  • 40cm x 31cm

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