Cheers Cup- Yellow 750ml 巧力杯750ml 黃 (Nov Preorder)



◎ 100% platinum silicon, no plasticizer, no bisphenol A (BPA FREE), can be used with peace of mind
◎ three-stage 380/500/700ml scale display on the cup body, easy to adjust the capacity
◎ 304 stainless steel cup mouth design, standing upright Strong cup body
◎ Direct pressure lid design, quickly open the drinking mouth
◎ 100% Taiwan design and manufacture

diameter: 95mm
height: 185mm
folding height: 90mm
weight: 178±3g
capacity: 750±5% ml
water drop cup
diameter: 95mm
height: 180mm
stack height: 85mm
weight: 180 ± 3g
capacity: 750 ± 5% ml

lid: 100% Platinum silicon
cup body: 100% Platinum silicon, SS304

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