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Jade is a popular intermediate set in the Build Up Robot family, who all have special design for movable arms and legs. Jade is always cheerful and full or energy. He is very good at mechanics and is also the brains of the team.
This set includes 310 pieces, as well as 10 special Hamacron parts. The special Hamacron parts (large wheels + shafts, mini wheel + shafts) enable a wider variety of movement and building techniques. This set includes an instruction guide to make 4 models including Alex, a Mini Robot, a Frog and a Submarine!

The Build Up Robot collection are for robot enthusiasts, who want to build and customise their own movable robots using the special building techniques in this series. Meet the whole family - Alex, Lapis and Jade all have their own personalities.  Be inspired by the Japanese and build your own character by easily combining with other sets.

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