Bondi Wash Floor Wash Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin 500ml

$16.00 $11.00

Bondi Wash Lemon Tea Tree & Mandarin Floor Wash is a gentle but effective multipurpose cleaner in a zesty and refreshing fragrance.

Highly concentrated, only a small amount is needed (roughly a capful for a standard size bucket): simply add to warm water to clean floors or other surfaces.

You won't believe how fresh your home smells after using this beauty: and it is completely free from chemicals, so it is safe for babies, pets and any other family members who like to spend a lot of time on the floor!

A gentle but effective floor wash or multipurpose cleaner for beautiful scents while killing germs and refreshing the home. Highly concentrated so only a small amount is needed.

To use: Pour a small amount into a bucket as it fills with warm water. Mop or clean as required. Suitable for use as a multi-purpose cleaner on any surface. Test an inconspicuous area first.

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