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LaQ Puzzle BASIC 801 - 42 MODELS, 1800 PIECES

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Unlock shared creativity and imagination with 42 models in the Basic 801 set

Basic 801 is a great family size set for shared play between 1-2 kids to build multiple and large models with LaQ! This set includes 1800 pieces in all 12 LaQ colours (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Sky Blue, Lime Orange, Grey, Brown, Black and White), as well as 60 special Hamacron parts. The special Hamacron parts (large wheels + shafts, mini wheel + shafts) enable a wider variety of movement and building techniques. This set also includes a large plastic container for easy storage. It includes instruction guides to make 42 models including the instructions from Basic 211, 311 and 511, along with 2 bonus instructions guide sheets. This includes models such as a ferris wheel, pirate ship, dump truck, spinning carousel and Hamadroid, as well as new models such as a treehouse, robots and a mini Koala.

The Basic collection are ideal for beginners through to advanced LaQ builders. Each set comes with instruction guides to build different models, and has different quantities of the 12 LaQ colours in each set. The series starts with small sets (Basic 101 - 185 pieces) all the way through to large family size sets (Basic 5000 - 5000 pieces) with the full colour range, sturdy storage cases and also special Hamacron wheel parts to make movable models. The large sets allow many people to build and make their own models at the same time.