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Adam Elements OMNIA UVC⁺ Ozone Sterilizer Box with Fast Wireless Charger

$89.95 $109.95

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer and Fast Wireless Charger Multi-Function Box. Kill 99.9% of Staph aureus and E. coli bacteria in 18 minutes and 99.9% of Candida albicans bacteria within 30 minutes. Supporting both Apple 7.5W and Android 10W fast wireless charge.

  • iPhone, Android, watch, headphones, jewelry, credit card, makeup brush and others.
  • Dimensions: 210 x 120 x 62mm
  • OMNIA UVC+ Box, USB-C to USB-A Cable, UV intensity test card, and pipette x 2
  • The product is equipped with UVC Ozone sterilizer.
  • Large interior sterilizer space with 194 x 104 x 27 mm.
  • Input Interface: USB-C QC3.0 5V = 2A / 9V = 2A / 12V = 1.5A
  • Compact size and easy to use
  • Apple 7.5W / Android 10W Fast Wireless Charging
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty

UV Ozone Sterilizer Box With Fast Wireless Charger With everything in one place, the OMNIA UVC+ is the perfect compact solution to sterilization ! Stay Clean, Stay Safe.

1. Sterilization
Bringing hygiene to your mobile phones, keys, Apple Watch, AirPods and many more personal items !
2. Fast Wireless Charging
Sterilization and fast charging at the same time !
3. Deodorizer
Freshen up your personal items with your favorite scent