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Adam Elements iKlips miReader C Lightning / USB-C 2 in 1 microSD Card Reader

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My Style, miReader

As much as you love your iPhone, don't you wish it had more space? iPhone and iPad external storage for when your phone is packed full of games, apps and music.

The iKlips miReader is the best iPhone/iPad card reader and extended storage solution as it touts Lightning on one side and Micro USB female on the other. Its ergonomic and easy grip design make quick removal and insertion hassle free.

Store, view and edit your personal 4K videos, your stylish .raw DSLR shots, and your GoPro action clips all on your new best friends, iKlips miReader and iKlips app.

256GB microSD memory card support

Instantly expand your device's memory by up to 256GB or simply use it as a Micro USB-to-Lightning adapter. NOTE – microSD card is not included.

iKlips miReader 4K is strong and secure as well as a pleasure to use.

File management comes naturally through using it as an external drive on PC or with the intuitive iKlips app. iKlips miReader 4K is strong and secure as well as a pleasure to use.

No matter the platform, a world first.

Use the iKlips app for macOS and Windows to easily lock/unlock files no matter the platform, a world first!

Compatible with any iPhone or iPad case.

With the extended Lightning connector and overall design you can easily use it with any rugged iPhone or iPad case, including an OtterBox.

Apple MFi-Certified. Best quality ever.

Lightning / Micro USB two way transmission to manage your files while charging. No need to worry about your battery when backing up your entire photo collection. Enjoy sharing life more efficiently.

Fastest in town.

Engineered to support Lightning fast technology, The first and only of its kind. That means mega-fast transfer speeds on those big files. Less waiting, more doing.

Multitasking made easy and cable free

Lightning/Micro USB/microSD card 3-in-1 connector - Transfer and charge at the same time. No internet, no iTunes, no computer. It's always iOS and Android friendly.

Supports 4K video direct recording - Access any file type from your device.

Not only backup, but also record 4K video directly to your iKlips. EXPAND your iPhone's memory to save every treasured moment. Easily Backup, view, transfer, capture & manage all your photos, music, videos, documents directly from any iKlips in one easy to use app.


We like being the first. And the best. So iKlips miReader 4K supports exFAT, while nobody else does. Using exFAT means there's no limit to individual file sizes. Other drives with FAT32 have a 4GB size limit - probably not even enough for a HD movie. More space for adventure. As much as you love your iPhone, don't you wish it had more space? iPhone and iPad external storage. For when your phone is packed full of games, apps and music.

Premium quality. Simply the best.

Precision engineered with premium materials to integrate into the iOS family. iKlips miReader 4K is smooth and cool to the touch and has a high-strength resistance to damage.


  • Supports all microSD classes - Easily transfer to and from multiple devices.
    Easily convert and share precious and amazing images from Drones, GoPro's, 360 cameras, dash-cams, and even shots from Android phones.
  • Seamless smart TV integration - No complex cables or network settings, just connect straight into your smart TV or AirPlay and sit back and enjoy in mere seconds.
  • Easy to connect - Easily transfer to and from multiple platforms. Transfer data between all of your iOS, Mac OS, Windows, Android, Linux, and smart TVs.

iKlips app – Features (app available on the Apple app store)

  • Social media backup - One touch , backup for popular social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo and more.
  • Touch ID security - Use a password or use Touch ID to lock/unlock files, folders, albums, even the entire iOS/iKlips device. The iKlips Wizard lock ensures your content is protected even if your drive is lost or stolen.
  • Cloud storage on your terms - With iKlips Wizard you can sync your data stored on iKlips to cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive, Evernote, Access I, or Dropbox. Or sync from other devices.
  • One Touch to backup all your phone's data - Only one touch easily backs up all your contact lists, calendars, photos, videos, docs.…everything!