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Adam Elements - GRAVITY C2 Magnetic Wireless Charging Power Bank

$109.00 $119.00

Adam Elements - GRAVITY C2 Magnetic Wireless Charging Power Bank with Stand

◎ Built-in 10,000mAh lithium battery, with a streamlined appearance design made of fine-grained floral material, easy to carry without burden.
◎ Support PD/QC fast charging output plus wireless charging: up to 20W, which can be output at the same time for one device and dual use.
◎ Support MagSafe charging case, accurate alignment, not blocking the phone lens. It is stable and does not slip, and can be used while charging to achieve true wireless.
◎ One suction and charging, stable and not slipping, unique bracket design, can be used while charging, it is really convenient to watch dramas and movies.
◎ The wireless charging tray can also support AirPods wireless charging function.
◎ Built-in foreign object detection mode to protect your mobile phone and metal products from electromagnetic damage, and provide overcharge, overheat and short circuit protection.
◎ One year warranty.

*If you want to use a mobile phone case, you need to have the original MFM certification to ensure the MagSafe magnetic attraction ability.
*This is a dedicated model for the entire series of iPhone 14 / 13 / 12
*This product does not include a Type-C charging cable, if necessary, it can be purchased separately