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59S- T5 Multi-Purpose UV Sterilization Cabinet

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A Magical Box to increase appetite of baby

UVC LED not only sterilisers all your all products using UVC light, it can also reduce the milky smell of bottles and soothers by decomposing the odor molecule. This could even increase the appetite of your baby. The Multipurpose cabinet replaced your table top sterilizer and provides the all in one solution for your sterilizing needs.

Key Features

  • 3 Mins 99.9% sterilization rate
  • Reduce milky smell
  • Smart drying
  • Sterile Storage
  • Portable for travel if needed
  • Multi-purpose

Item specifics:

  • Brand Name: 59S
  • Disinfection time: 3 min
  • Model Number: T5
  • Input: 18V--1.5A
  • Power: 27W - 240 V Australian power supply compatible
  • Color: blue/pink
  • LED QTY: 40 pcs
  • LED Wavelength: 260-280nm
  • Size: 302*269*154 mm
  • Net weight: 2.1kg