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Lao Xie Zhen Chicken Essence with Ginger 14 Pack x 2 老協珍 - 熬雞精禮盒 暖薑口味(14入) x 2

$250.00 $265.00

Lao Xie Zhen Traditional Essence of Chicken Ginger 14 packs 

Now with a warm spicy ginger flavor

Natural processing with a proprietary drying method to preserve the nutritional value of dried ginger. 

"Dry Ginger" is rich in "Gingerol"

It can aid to improve blood circulation, physical fitness, and physical strength.

 5 Benefits of Ginger

It has the effect of removing dampness, dissipating heat, and assisting metabolism.

 Heating dried ginger stimulates the stomach and improves physical function.

 Warm the body and enhance the condition of cold hands and feet.

 Soothe stomach discomfort by dispelling cold and warming the stomach. 

Anti-inflammatory and relieves muscle soreness 

[Traditional Essence of Chicken Ginger – Health Supplements]


School-aged children

Busy office worker

Winter nourishment

Regular maintenance

Post-operative care

Improves Moods 

*Not suitable for children under 2 years old

*Patients of gout, hypertension, and chronic kidney disease should consult their doctor before consuming

LXZ 老協珍 -  熬雞精禮盒 暖薑口味(14入) x 2盒




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容量 42ml毫升
商品來源國家 台灣
保存天數 362天
保存溫層 常溫
應免稅 應稅