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Smart Games-Smart Farmer

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Keep the animals apart!

Trouble at the farm! The animals are making a big mess and need to be separated…but the farmer has only 3 simple fences to divide his field into separate meadows. Can you help him place the fences so the horses, cows, sheep and pigs each get their own spaces? Then can you make sure they all have their own water to drink?

Using something familiar can help people to  learn more easily the game rules, so they can focus on what it really important: playing!

You now have 2 of each species (8 in total). This opened up the concept to different kind of challenges. The final game has therefor two playing modes:

  • Starter, Junior and Expert levels show challenges with pairs of animals. The object of the game is to make sure they end up in the same paddock. These challenges don't include the drinking troughs. This means that most of the final challenges don't even resemble the original pen and pencil concept any more.
  • The Master challenges show only 1 animal of each species and drinking troughs. The object of these challenges is to make sure that every animal has his own paddock AND trough.
  • Game board with 4 fixed fences, 2 horses, 2 cows, 2 sheep, 2 pigs, 3 water troughs, 3 fences, challenge booklet with 60 challenges and solutions.
  • Playing Smart Farmer stimulates the following cognitive skills:
    • Concentration

    • Flexible Thinking

    • Planning

    • Problem Solving

    • Spatial Insight

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